Regulatory Change

Market Infrastructure provider

Brexit transformation ensuring regulatory compliance, operational continuity and commercial positioning

A European Market Infrastructure player was experiencing wide reaching challenges resulting from the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union. In order to remain regulatory compliant with recently introduced EU legislation for prudential regulation post-Brexit, would require substantial legal, operational and technical effort as well as entity restructuring and new entity setup, whilst maintaining the support of multiple regulators, governments and the market.

What did we do?

Jointly with the client we engaged to design, mobilise and manage the Brexit programme and performed a strategic risk based assessment of group impacts and delivered a detailed approach, work plan and established execution and support for the impacted markets. Given the wide reaching implications in context of political, market and operating decisions induced by the Brexit as well as varieties of complexities with external dependencies. This also required a comprehensive risk assessment and stakeholder engagement strategy to be developed and executed. Following the Group Board approval, indicative regulatory and market acceptance of the Brexit solution, we managed the implementation of the programme and lead the group restructure activities.

What we delivered:

Delivery of a comprehensive inventory of group impacts, solution risk assessment and viable delivery road map imposed by Brexit

Supporting a revised business case, investments and required approvals to proceed with required restructuring

Established programme structure, governance and mobilised execution team to successfully drive Brexit transformation

Business benefits:

Ensuring post-Brexit client business & service continuity

Clear strategy for transition between regulatory regimes

Clear customer and market communication and change strategy