Digital innovation

Market infrastructure provider

Development of a cloud computing marketplace

The client was looking to close a gap they had identified in the industry value chain relating to the distribution of cloud computing capacities. How? By putting into place the first global cloud computing marketplace, and establishing functional, technical and legal standards for the trading of cloud services (specifically, storage and processing).

What our people did?

Designed the business concept that was then rolled out across the full value chain (trading, clearing, settlements) including cross-functional areas (billing, SLA monitoring, trade lifecycle). Conducted proof of concept with an early adopter group of major industry players. ::projective supported the creation of standardised agreements such as SLAs, admission criteria, code of conduct and terms and conditions, and lobbied with governmental bodies across Europe and the US to anticipate the regulatory impacts on the first ever cloud-based marketplace to be established.

What our people delivered:

Feasability assessment

Comprehensive functional model

Detailed roadmap and investment case

Business benefits:

Reinforced client’s position as an innovative company

Ability to build strategic message to the market to enter new market segments and tap into new customer portfolios