Delivery Excellence

Global Investment Bank

Restructuring of a global PMI programme

As part of a major post-merger integration programme between two global investment banks, applications had been put in place to track and manage the transformation of both bank’s functional and system landscapes. As the transformation progressed, concerns were raised regarding the robustness of the overall programme. The client engaged the ::projective team to first stabilise the operating environments, then design and implement a support model, and finally to manage the ongoing book of work.

What did we do?

Our team quickly mobilised and managed a joint development team. The team designed and facilitated workshops with key stakeholders, and hosted a number of on-line meetings with user groups to ensure comprehensive and thoroughly documented knowledge transfer across both entities. The development team also identified, prioritised and addressed immediate issues that were affecting overall programme stability, putting in place a clear development lifecycle structure and governance process to ensure the long-term success of the overall programme.

What we delivered:

A simplified, more robust and clearer process around analysis, management and prioritisation of new requirements

A clearly structured development, test, and release management approach for any and all future modifications

Clear, transparent and timley communication with regard to ongoing project activities / status reports

Business benefits:

Rapid and effective stabilisation of the production application environment