Operational Excellence

European Wholesale Bank

End-to-end automation of Asian payments operations in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Singapore and Tokyo

The bank offered payments services in four Asian countries (six branches), with manual breaks throughout the value chain. The total transaction volume being managed by the existing workforce was limited. During peak periods, excess volume was managed with the support of temporary service staff. The client’s existing service offering was non-competitive (pricing, cut-off times, product offering, etc.). The client engagement was designed to deliver an overall enhanced process and platform that support a high degree of automation in all Asian locations.

What did we do?

The project team managed a pre-study in all four locations, to analyse the overall payment process, underlying processes, and system architecture. The manual and automated payment processes were validated against essential tasks of best-practice standard processes, adjusted in turn to fit local specifics in each location.

The most important aspect of the engagement – and the project’s key outcome – was the upgrade of the core banking system as a means to realise an end-to-end automation for payments. The roll-out was planned and managed in four major releases covering payments processing, data handling and four direct clearing connections. The project involved more than 40 people in Frankfurt, New York, Bangalore, Tianjin, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo.

What we delivered

Target Operating Model covering all four locations, with local deviations including a local direct clearing model

Target technology infrastructure setup and roll-out plan

Business benefits

Automation of payments processes and enhanced STP level to enable the bank to handle mass payment clients, and grow overall transaction volume

Decrease manual breaks across the value-chain

Improved processing capacity and enhanced product offerings across Asia to drive further competitive advantage