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Tier 1 Global Bank

Carve-out and integration of an ETD (energy) trading unit

For strategic reasons, the parent company of this client wanted to carve-out the exchange traded derivatives (ETD) unit that was focussing on energy products prior to the sale of its subsidiary. Beyond the carve-out, the client was also required to integrate and normalise the unit within exsisting operations.

What did we do?

The project focused on the analysis and then subsequent prioritisation of open regulatory, organisational, technical and operational aspects for the normalisation phase that would immediately follow the carve-out (including the design of a Target Operating Model, required in light of the further, full integration). Underlying processes and functions needed to be documented and analysed, including key operating procedures for teams in Front Office, Change-the-Bank, Run-the-Bank and IT.

Project tasks also included the definition of job descriptions and the overall organisational set-up within the new environment. ::projective also worked closely with the client to define and develop a business contingency management plan, accompanied by initial drafts for Service Level Agreements (SLA) / Clearing Service Agreements (CSA).

What we delivered

Comprehensive carve-out plan including a detailed migration and integration approach

Enhanced process flow and organisational chart of the integrated unit

Business benefits

Clear business process documentation, roles and responsibilities and organisational structures to enable future refinement and integration efforts

Retention of key employees and client base as baseline for further growth in the energy derivatives business

Consistent and integrated operations without the risk of service interruptions or the need for significant manual interventions