Transformation Excellence

Regional European Bank

Pre-merger due diligence & internal assessment

The project team was initially asked to support this bank during a pre-merger phase, to identify key areas of the bank’s strength. As the engagement progressed, the scope was changed to include examining the bank FO to Finance, taking in the supporting IT, and to highlight key areas of strength and weaknesses in these respective areas of the bank’s operations. The results needed to be presented to the board to reposition the bank for further mergers or internal change.

What did we do?

The ::projective team quickly mobilised to manage the data room between both entities (upload of data, quality assurance, etc.). In turn, the team oversaw the development of a detailed bottom-up and top-down synergy model to estimate cost savings for a combined target business and technology platform. The team carried-out an internal SWOT analysis through a dedicated focus interview approach, which highlighted key findings to feed into a bank-wide change programme, which included the development of a business case to be presented to the board (C-Level).

What we delivered:

SWOT analysis and key proposal of change by area

Defined business assets

Business benefits:

Qualified support throughout the merger process

Detailed insights of key areas of change including proposed solutions by expert consultants

High-level supporting business case as a decision enabler for future mergers / internal change