Regulatory Change

Tier I Investment Bank

Credit risk architecture re-design and implementation

Underinvestment in Credit Risk technology over a number of years left this particular client suffering from inefficient and complex workflows, with multiple F2B interdependencies requiring significant levels of manual intervention. The client had limited functional and reporting capabilities, and was ill-equipped to cope with evolving business and regulatory demands.

What did we do?

Evaluated the client’s ongoing business and regulatory demands to compare with industry peers, to in turn develop industry leading target state architecture which included strategic data sourcing, a single risk desktop and workflow, as well as a strategic reporting suite

What we delivered:

A multi-year investment programme was put into play, acting as the foundation for the transformation of the client’s Credit Risk infrastructure

Business benefits:

A positive, multi million Euro impact on RWA (benefit to date)

Reduction in ongoing RTB cost

An uptake in “Credit Officer” processing time

Improved regulatory adherence (BCBS 239, CRD4, etc.)

Target roadmap to bring the client’s Credit Risk capability in line with industry leaders