Regulatory Change

Tier I Investment Bank

Assessment of BCBS 239 compliance

This UK-based institution had already put a programme in place to ensure BCBS 239 compliance. An independent auditor assessed the programme – on behalf of the regulator – and identified a number of critical areas of weakness in it. Fast and effective action was needed to get things back on track, and back to compliance.

What did we do?

::projective provided a detailed analysis of a series of core workstreams to quickly and comprehensively identify gaps against BCBS 239 principles; the team in turn developed a roadmap to close these gaps, and ensure full levels of compliance were met in good time for the required regulatory deadline. Progress for each core BCBS ‘principle’ was monitored, measured and managed in order to drive timely implementation of the required level of compliance.

What we delivered:

Significant improvement in across the board transparency of BCBS 239 compliance

Revised implementation roadmap

Updated performance monitor to measure and drive ongoing compliance levels

Business benefits:

Comprehensive risk and issue assessment

Definition and adoption of ongoing implementation roadmap

Prioritisation of key measures to be carried out defined by levels of urgency, cost and business benefit, helping to prioritise the critical interventions and actions required to remain compliant on an ongoing basis