Ecosystem for change

Ecosystems part 2: meet the partners

3-minute masterclass

Last week, we focussed on financial ecosystems and their benefits. This week, let us introduce you to our ecosystem for change.

Projective is part of an ecosystem bringing together all that is needed to create and deliver innovative change in the financial industry. Through participating in our ecosystem alongside a strong unique portfolio of leading-edge partners, we have a collective access to progressive and innovative skills and tools. Therefore there is an aligned collaboration with market players, coupled with the experience and potential investment to support design, prototype, implementation and continually iterate innovate solutions.


Projective is a specialists in managing the successful delivery of innovation and change within the financial sector. This could be driven by enterprise need, triggered by changing customer behaviour, need for digital innovation, pressure on costs and operational efficiency, or regulatory driven change.

Epoch XX

epoch XX is a collective of designers, entrepreneurs, engineers, technologists and deliverers. Specialists in corporate innovation and venture building services, working to identify what is ‘nexxt’ in a company’s vision, then working in research and development, use of co-creation hubs, participation in venture builds, or facilitating smart money joint investment opportunities.  

The Glue

The Glue facilitates the change, innovation and venture building. Helping to bridge the connectivity gap between new innovative front offices (incl, PoCs) with legacy back offices. They offer a technical sandbox environment to allow companies to play and experiment, starting from projects to POC to MVP without touching the legacy and quickly deploy when it is time to put the MVP to work.


B-Hive facilitates aligned collaborative innovation by bringing together their network of banks, insurers and infrastructure players with relevant fintechs (incl specialists insurtechs and regtechs). Through collaboration and alignment of fintech solution to need, the players can share their challenges, understand how others are dealing with a specific challenge (without ‘reinventing the wheel’) or try to deal with the challenges together by setting up a joint project.

Scale-Ups EU, Smartfin & The Alliance Fund

Augmenting above, the ecosystem financing partners help by ‘squeezing time’ with (initiatives learn from other’s lessons learnt), or ‘putting skin in the game’ through SmartFin Capital or The Alliance Fund (providing private equity or venture capital investment).

Working closely with our ecosystem partners, we have seen the evolution of a strong cooperative of complimentary specialists. Our interactions multiply creativity, insight and delivery effectiveness. It compresses the development cycle and brings outcomes in weeks and months, not years. Our ecosystem is ready to realise the full potential of every pinnacle moment of innovation and validating how it can work to deliver better. Our goal is to build and scale a solution to work for real people in the real world.

If you can dream it, we can design, build, fund, deliver and scale it.

Want to know more on our ecosystem partners and how we collaborate? We’re always up for a coffee break or phone call.