Money 2020 in Amsterdam: Meet with us on June 4, 5 and 6 to discuss challenges around innovation and change


Join us at Money2020 in Amsterdam!

Are you interested in the next generation of finance: join us at Money2020! During June 4, 5 and 6, more than 5,000 smart, inventive and ambitious players in the financial industry come together to experience the future of finance.

This innovative eco-system fits our DNA perfectly, as we have co-creation at the core of our firm. At ::projective we work together with (y)our eco-system partners to solve your most demanding challenges, build your future product or compelling new service to remain competitive and relevant for your customers.

We are therefore looking forward to meeting you @Money2020!

There are three ways to get in contact with us @Money2020:

  1. the B-Hive stand (our eco-systempartner)
  2. our daily catch-up in the B-Hive meeting room
  3. our launching event on Tuesday, June 5


Our stand at Money2020 (B-Hive stand)

We attend the event in cooperation with B-Hive. At the stand you will be able to connect with our eco-system partners, being:

  1. ::projective -innovation, change and delivery engineers
  2. The Bridge – innovation strategy & venture design and building
  3. The Glue -digital solution delivery accelerator
  4. SmartFin -investment partners

Daily catch-up at 13:00 (B-Hive meeting room)

We organize a daily catch-up in the B-Hive meeting room, at 13:00. During these informal and short catch-ups, you will be able to find out more about our new horizon-approach and have the possibility to ask your questions.

Launching event ::projective Netherlands @StrandZuid, Amsterdam

On Tuesday June 5, ::projective Netherlands will share its new horizon-approach, view on shared-value consulting and launch an exciting new venture together with a mystery launching partner! This promises to be the event of 2018!

Have you become interested or require further information, please enrol for either or all of the events (limited seats available) by sending an email to:

#lifemadeeasy #letmehelpyou #thefuturetoday