Building digital innovation and maturity

For the past 30 years, we have seen major shifts in digital-led technology. From the commercialization of computing in the 1970/80s, to the introduction of the web in the 1990s – and recently, the acceleration of applied artificial intelligence, machine learning, and distributed ledgers. The fourth wave of the industrial revolution fueled by digital technologies is changing the society and economy and impacting the financial services industry on all levels.

As a consequence of the digital revolution, companies of all sizes have to dramatically change the way they operate, compete, and create value.

Today, financial institutions struggle to earn their cost of capital. The financial sector is constantly at risk of displacement by new technologies or competitive new entrants offering better customer experience, lower prices or just entirely new propositions. Managing digital maturity is no longer optional – it’s a must do, and must do well, at speed. Simply put, the digital agenda is critical to sustained, successful business performance.

Projective is a trusted partner throughout all phases of digital maturity. From an initial setup to build first digital capabilities, through to clearly defined roadmaps, digital asset creation and execution of the digital roadmap. With our unique ecosystem, we co-create, integrate and leverage an extensive and tested library of methodologies, tools and solutions.

Our digital innovation offering suite addresses a range of industry-relevant issues, including:

Digital Sourcing

Traditional financial institutions are inherently limited to rapid and long lasting change. To succeed against new tech-enabled entrants, they need to embrace openness and risk, break down siloed mindsets, and focus on customer engagement and innovation. We bring in experienced, focused teams with the right mix of business, technical and management skills to successfully ideate, validate and launch new product and service propositions. Our Digital Sourcing approach embeds those skills and capabilities into your organisation and executes fast-paced innovation like a speedboat speeding ahead of the slower containership. Our ecosystem partners like The Glue, B-Hive and others will bring in their expertise and capabilities where needed and fit.

Build Your Open Bank

Acceleration in quantum computing, open banking APIs, cryptocurrency, regulatory regimes like PSD2, artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual/augmented reality, digital identity, video onboarding and BYOD all act as catalysts and components for the strategy of the future bank. Yet, our experience shows that any start-up bank determined to thrive requires very specific attributes and needs to design a digital bank at the heart of the customer experience. our team and experts are helping to build your challenger bank with an established set of methodologies to successfully  partnering with leading tech firms and Fintechs to evolve product offerings, service capabilities, and pace to market all combined in a collaborative ecosystem to empower and Build Your Open Bank.

PSD2 Payments Innovation

The payments innovation space is opportunistic and exciting, wide open for creative players through Open Banking API and PSD2 XS2A.Just like in the concept of emergence (formation of a new more complex system/model due to the interplay or combination of its elements or simpler functions) an orchestrated and curated combination of payment functionality, and payments-relevant data combined with other non-payments functions/services (e.g. loyalty building, credit scoring, spend analysis, etc.) and/or data can create entirely new business models, capabilities, services, features, or entirely new value propositions to attract a new untouched customer base or attractive niche segments.

Ecosystem Solutions

Digital maturity is not only about your technology, strategy, and operations. It is also about leveraging industry-leading solutions to accelerate your business and integrating new thinking. ::projective is part of a comprehensive partner network ranging from out-of-the-box solution architecture, to venture financing and incubation services all available and accessible under one roof.

Core Technology

Managing digital maturity requires financial institutions to continuously improve operations to be leaner, more agile, and more cost effective. That includes setting up the right internal structures, disrupting cost through infrastructure alignment, and identifying new sources of value creation in the core business. We support with technical depth, implements lean operations techniques and aligns with your executive team to define the optimal portfolio of initiatives in a digital road map.

Customer Empowerment

With over 10 billion connected devices today, we have entered the phase of ubiquitous media. Devices run in parallel and simultaneously with complex engagement patterns. Understanding customer engagement for personal finance will directly drive ROI. ::projective helps companies to identify active user engagement patterns, define engagement metrics, and formulate product engagement strategies.

Asset Digitisation

All assets can be digitised, thereby increasing the speed of asset circulation in global markets. That is the fundamental underpinning of digital technology. Financial institutions still have to capture the full potential of asset digitisation. We design new operating model choices and delivers digital sales solutions to drive product adoption, customer acquisition, and long-term retention.

::projective drives innovation and change in the financial industry by stimulating complex business transformation, sustainable change, measurable value and cost reduction. With our in-depth expertise in banking, payments, capital markets, asset management, stock exchanges and insurance, our experts carry organisations forward in the fields of regulation, digital innovation, (digital) change processes and operational excellence.

The ‘::projectivers’ are a unique collective of senior industry professionals, management consultants and delivery and technology experts. Together with our partners Exellys, DTSQUARED, Mastermind, The Glue, & and Smartfin, we provide financial institutions access to industry-leading innovative expertise and delivery. We serve their customers from offices in Europe’s leading European financial centres, including Brussels, Amsterdam, London, Frankfurt, Paris and Zurich.

Together with Exellys, DTSQUARED, The Glue and Mastermind, ::projective is part of ProjectiveGroup.