Today, the financial services industry is more competitive than ever. Every improvement, no matter how small, can keep a company a step ahead of their peers.

The field of Operational Excellence faces both a major challenge as a massive opportunity. Most financial services players are still in the early stages of creating consistently improving operations. Yet, they’re also facing the ongoing and rapid introduction of far more complex techniques or innovations that could deliver a significant positive impact on their performance.

Recognising this, ::projective has developed its Operational Excellence service offering. The offering has been designed to provide clients with products, tools and skills that enable them to fulfill their commitment to deliver greater, measurable value to their customers with fewer resources and less effort.

Our Operational Excellence expertise can be applied right across your organisation, whether you are developing a vanilla organisation based on continuous improvement, or preparing to implement more advanced systems such as Robotics or Artificial Intelligence

::projective will work with your employees to deliver more value to your customers, with fewer resources and less effort

Our access to global experts to help you address the issues inherent in this complex field, and our ability to implement change at the frontline and in the executive boardroom sets us apart as the preferred partner of choice on these journeys

The ::projective Operational Excellence practice is comprised of eight core components, enabling your organisation to:

Quickly assess your organisational maturity

Provide a framework for rigorous, ongoing, fact-based performance analysis

Define and deliver a baseline, and identify key areas to drive ongoing Business Improvement

Enable employees to contribute more to your organisational and operational performance

Continually contribute to the progress of your company

Our Operational Excellence service offering is comprised of eight core components. Together, they provide our clients with self-sustaining, operationally excellent work systems that deliver lasting, enhanced business performance.

An educational partnership with the DevOps Institute

We can now formally train and certify you within the following areas, which can be provided both online or on your site. For more information on training dates, pricing and FAQs please email us at For further information on the courses described please go to

Courses available:

DevOps Foundation:
DevOps Leader:
Continuous Delivery Architecture:
DevSecOps Engineering:

Target operating model (TOM) evaluation & redesign

Organisational structures & target operations often only change with the arrival of a new executive. We will help you develop a Target Operating Model and work closely with your teams to build the skills needed to regularly iterate your Target Operating Model.


Working with external suppliers requires meticulous follow-up and significant and effective risk management. We create business cases to justify the engagement or termination of outsourcing plans. We also provide the legal, financial, HR, and operational support to build a fruitful relationship with your supplier base.


FinTech solutions integrate numerous technologies (e.g. robotics, AI) to solve the challenges facing our industry. ::projective will work with you to identify, procure, and manage the right FinTech solution for your needs to continuously drive improvement.

Artificial intelligence (AI)

AI is the ability for a programme to learn and improve without humans – its application in Financial Services is booming. ::projective specialises in testing and implementing AI technology to suit your needs, exploring closely with you the potential benefits AI has to offer.


‘Robotics’ is any technology that processes inputs into outputs without human intervention. Robotics offers a major growth opportunity in Financial Services. Our consultants can identify robotic solutions that match the needs of today’s Financial Services landscape.

Near and off-shoring

Establishing external operation centres can pose a number of serious challenges. We will help you and your teams to define and navigate the numerous steps to near or off-shore operations, including: the business case, project management, and launching the new location.

Building management systems

We synthesise the latest in Resilient Organisations, Lean & Six Sigma to offer tailored solutions for companies of all maturities. We work collaboratively with our clients to implement rapid improvements and ensure they continuously improve on an ongoing and lasting basis.

Client-driven, custom offering – designed to fit your business and your needs

::projective’s Operational Excellence offering aligns your strategic goals to your overall business processes, and continuously enhances, implements, monitors and optimises performance on an on-going basis through:

  • Strategy alignment and Target Operating Model review, with practical and pragmatic advice on roadmap implementation, to then deliver practical improvements
  • Enhanced process, organisational, and IT management review, including clearer process organisation and accountability
  • Optimised performance management, including activity based costing, process management and incentivising, reward models, and bonus systems
  • Coaching and support of business and operations functions, implementing and embedding alternative working practice
  • Leading and executing delivery programmes, offering process analysis, waste elimination and process automation with robotics / AI implementation

What this delivers? Business benefits include:

  • Rigorous, factual assessment of the current business
  • Advanced process mapping and analysis
  • Supporting risk management by identifying potentially redundant or duplicated controls and over processing
  • Enhanced understanding of all stakeholders and their requirements
  • Leading-edge Operating Model with organisation, process, and technology improvements
  • Training and empowerment of the organisation to identify and implement continual process improvements
  • Continuous Improvement that promotes on-going Operational Excellence

::projective drives innovation and change in the financial industry by stimulating complex business transformation, sustainable change, measurable value and cost reduction. With our in-depth expertise in banking, payments, capital markets, asset management, stock exchanges and insurance, our experts carry organisations forward in the fields of regulation, digital innovation, (digital) change processes and operational excellence.

The ‘::projectivers’ are a unique collective of senior industry professionals, management consultants and delivery and technology experts. Together with our partners Exellys, DTSQUARED, Mastermind, The Glue, & and Smartfin, we provide financial institutions access to industry-leading innovative expertise and delivery. We serve their customers from offices in Europe’s leading European financial centres, including Brussels, Amsterdam, London, Frankfurt, Paris and Zurich.

Together with Exellys, DTSQUARED, The Glue and Mastermind, ::projective is part of ProjectiveGroup.