PSD2 One-Stop-Shop – is taking clients on a start to finish journey to design, implement and operate new business models from the PSD2 regulatory enforced XS2A API opportunity

Typical client symptoms

  • Can’t see the wood for the trees – drowning in PSD2 compliance preparation, lots of business potential, don’t know how and where to start

  • Limited access to relevant resource and skill set within own organisation or too slow to operationalise

  • Organisation doesn’t seem willing to be disruptive enough – laggard not a leader. Playing the game of wait and see…

  • IT keeps telling you that adding new PSD2 use cases and business ideas is too complicated and costly

What we do

  • A PSD2-specific ‘one-stop-shop’ service for financial institutions to develop, implement and run new business services and models based on the PSD2 XS2A opportunity, which is currently opening up banks through APIs for payment initiation and account information services

  • Provides a comprehensive suite of business and product ideas (use cases) around PSD2, which can quickly and easily be validated for potential fit against a client’s customer base, brand, and appetite for innovation

  • With our leading ecosystem partner THE GLUE providing a ready-to-use PSD2-powering API technology stack, we kick-start selected best-fit PSD2 use case within 3-4 months from idea to business model and proposition validation with targeting relevant customer segments, undertake implementation into given legacy technology environments, drive internal roll-out and external communication – simply as a one-stop shop

Key programme activities

Build, validate and align business vision for Open API / PSD2 (passive PSD2 vs. active PSD2 vs. Beyond PSD2 strategy) against bank’s business strategy

Identification and validation of best-fit / relevant PSD2-enabling PISP and AISP use cases through canvas approach (e.g. vision, value proposition, business model, environment map, stakeholder, etc.) facilitated by our payments SMEs and innovation engineers

Detailed design, prototyping and implementation of prioritised PSD2 use case(s) for drive active defense of existing products and services or build new topline revenue growth opportunities

PSD2 Use case enablement through The Glue digital-enablement API platform – without the need to alter legacy core technology in a fast paced approach delivering results in 3 months or less. Don’t believe it? Ask for our references!

If you don’t have the ideas, time or are simply entirely consumed with regulatory change related deadlines that you haven’t had bandwidth to get your head around what options space of PSD2 use cases could be relevant for your business propositions, customer segments, and brand: don’t worry. We can help by igniting your imagination of many use cases leveraging  PISP, AISP and combination capabilities.

Business Benefits

Ability to rapidly operationalise innovative digital products, and defined use cases, by re using existing legacy platforms and front-ends

Effective and efficient ‘readiness’ preparation for a bank to exploit new markets, opening up potential new revenue streams

Delivery of individual use cases to be quickly prototyped for back-testing with clients, then rapid launch to market

Want to come PSD2 one-stop-shopping with us?

For more information on this offering, the underlying methodology, or to simply exchange ideas with our community of PSD2 experts, drop us a line. We’re always happy to talk.

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