Target Operating Model Optimisation and Redesign – A holistic transformational approach leads to an alignment of business and technology vision and strategy tailored in all dimensions to meet future requirements and best fit on strategic outlook and market change. 

Typical client symptoms

  • Lack of clear strategy – “We have done it always like that…”- unclear business strategy and goals make it difficult to link business strategy with actionable changes to the operating model

  • Difficulty articulating the future state – undefined customer and operational practices and interactions (silo products/region centric solutions) imped productivity and result in loss of talent

  • Complexity of IT architecture – poor understanding how to implement new IT solutions alongside legacy systems hamper flexible deployment of innovative product and services

  • Competing priorities and middle management resistance – competing priorities combined with limited resources and resistance to new ways of working and thinking undermine organization ability to drive innovation and change

What we do

  • Assess – articulate, define/refine strategy vision, diagnose operating model effectiveness and outline the gaps in capability to reach the TOM

  • Design – define a) designing principles how the operating model will be developed and set the key measures for success; and b) how the organization will operate and capabilities it will require in line with the strategic intent along the following dimensions (customers, channels, products/services, processes, IT, organization, people and location)

  • Build – refine business case (quantify change in terms of costs, benefits and risks), implementation roadmap, headcount requirements, organization structure, job design and competencies.

  • Implement – set roadmap defining timelines, roles, and actions to implement TOM, develop and monitor dashboard of key performance indicators to assist management with refining the new operating environment.

Key activities

Our approach is based upon successful and long-year experiences to create a framework that applies industry leading best practices and design principles to support the optimisation of operating models – from an organisational, functional and technological point of view.

Across four phases we drive a collaborative and iterative process with focus interviews, subject matter expert workshops and problem deep-dive sessions to explore ideas, redefine functions, optimise controls and further plan change implementation.

Depending on strategic context, organisational complexity (e.g. single country vs. multi-country), stakeholder participation and availabilities a typical TOM redesign and optimisation engagement varies between 8 weeks and up to 5 months to provide the desired target model and a sustainable roadmap for transition.

TOM Approach

Business Benefits

Approved by stakeholders set of designed principles outlying what organisations must do to enable execution of the strategy (change) to achieve the desired end state

Refined business case depicting financial implication for each options / scenario as an enabler for management decision / direction

TOM implementation roadmap, solutions, interaction model and dashboard of key performance indicators to assist management with refining operating model

Every organisation’s transformation change will be different. However, a simple set of no-regret steps can help you provide clarity on the way forward. Allow us to tailor your Operating Model to help you drive your business forward.

For more information on this offering, the underlying methodology, or to simply exchange ideas with our community of TOM & Operational Excellence experts, drop us a line. We’re always happy to talk.


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