Complex Technology Transformation – is more than just replacing an application stack and re plumbing data pipes – it’s about clients, business and operations

Typical client symptoms

Effective transformation program management capabilities nowadays are one of the most crucial differentiators for sustaining competitiveness in the digital marketplace, with enabling technology being a key to help organizations become closer to customers, more focused and faster in responses, and operationally efficient.

But as opportunity grows, so does risk. Getting strategic and most often complex technology change programs right could be the make-or-break difference between realizing business growth or staying afloat.

What we do

As practitioners, based on experience working with clients to rescue transformation programs/projects that are off the rails, we have identified a number of recurring themes that drive technology change transformation success or underlie its failure. Below, we share lessons learned to improve the success rates of such IT transformation initiatives.

Key success factors

Focus on business case and change benefits and not the requirements or functionality.

Start small – aim big with focus on delivery of key areas of business benefits in multiple releases to gain momentum, obtain buy-in from stakeholders and incorporate lessons learned in the next release(s), if needed.

Mobilize collaborative leadership team and not commentators, the leadership team personally committed to the transformation program that provides clear direction, expectations and maintains “stay the course mentality”.

Get the business and technology architecture alignment right to secure development of a plan and roadmap that address people, processes and technology across both business areas and the IT organization.

Assess your organization’s capability to transform, smart use of technology is a key enabler for the actual transformation.

Business Benefits

Most of the time, the successful delivery of IT transformation program is dependent not only on the systems implementation and technical delivery, but also on governance, business benefits, people and process areas. By placing a focus on measuring business benefits, management of multiple releases, maintaining senior stakeholder support and setting up an effective leadership team, your organization will be well-positioned to pre-empt IT transformation’s many pitfalls and instead reap its real rewards.

Regardless of how far your organization’s technology transformation change program is down the road, we encourage you to ask some questions about change. The sooner you evaluate and make any necessary updates to your change organization, the more likely you are to see the results you want. Our team of practitioners can help initiate an assessment of the maturity of your program governance to help you understand the maturity of your organization current processes to deliver the planned change.

Is it worth it? Yes, given benefits that technology transformation programs can render, such as creating value by turning a change program into a tool for sustaining a competitive advantage, sharpening operational efficiency, and addressing customer demands for more innovative services.

Want to know more about do’s and don’ts of technology change transformations?

For more information on how our team can help you successfully delivery IT transformation program or project, or learn more about lessons learned, and do’s and dont’s in managing the change with our Delivery Excellence community, contact us.

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