We look for people who can bring contradicting ideas and life experiences to our teams. If you’re looking for a place that values your genuine curiosity, passion, and desire to grow, if you’re seeking colleagues who think bold and are eager to take on challenges as a team, then you’ll love ::projective.
Regardless of what you do at ::projective, you are embedded in our culture. It influences how we interact with each other, how we make decisions, how we recognize what is “good” or “bad,” as well as what we do and do not do, both individually and as a company.
We all work in a multi-dimensional world of shifting affiliations and self-identifications, a world of multiple sub-cultures. Depending on the circumstance, ::projective people may self-identify with their nationality and location, their project or team, their job ladder, their focus area, even their length of time at :projective, or with some other group or conceptual affiliation.
Underlying everything else is the belief that what we do has meaning and creates impact. We are growth enablers. This is not limited to our corporate mission; it extends to contributing to our local communities and making a difference through projects, where innovation is applied for solving financial industry problems is not afraid to think bold.
Here are some attributes of the people who work with us:
  • isn’t afraid to do things, “makes things happen,” “thinks bold”
  • works well in dynamic and ever changing environments
  • has excellent technical skills
  • is good at listening and problem solving
  • sees the connections and interactions between stakeholders
  • is okay with high-visibility, high-demand situations
  • is a team player, good collaborator
  • has a “yes” attitude, supports others, is not a roadblock
  • does not expect that s/he knows it all, whether new or here for years
  • earns respect through work, not from a title
  • knows when to stay out of the way of the smart people we have hired


We value entrepreneurial spirit. We believe you should be able to advance your career by taking on new and ever-more challenging projects, not by spending time in a role, or slowly climbing a corporate ladder.

We encourage all employees to work independently, we encourage and reward innovation, and we allow every member of our team to shape the company through ongoing development of new skills and experience. We are firm believers of learning through doing.


Working with our clients, our experienced team members achieve exceptional outcomes by assuming accountability of project delivery and quality with a decisive, structured and disciplined approach.

Our team members maintain a steady course through the turbulence that the financial services industry is exposed to, never compromising on a consistent commitment to quality and delivery. Projective people are decision makers and decision takers. Our people thrive on the resolution of your challenges.


We offer independent advice and excellence in execution, embracing a collaborative approach. We encourage open, transparent and timely communication in everything we say and do.

We have no hidden agenda, rather, we offer neutral, unbiased and relevant advice that is always focused on the immediate need of the client. Our lasting and valued relationships are built on mutual trust and common goals.

::projective drives innovation and change in the financial industry by stimulating complex business transformation, sustainable change, measurable value and cost reduction. With our in-depth expertise in banking, payments, capital markets, asset management, stock exchanges and insurance, our experts carry organisations forward in the fields of regulation, digital innovation, (digital) change processes and operational excellence.

The ‘::projectivers’ are a unique collective of senior industry professionals, management consultants and delivery and technology experts. Together with our partners Exellys, DTSQUARED, Mastermind, The Glue, Start-ups.be & Scale-ups.eu and Smartfin, we provide financial institutions access to industry-leading innovative expertise and delivery. We serve their customers from offices in Europe’s leading European financial centres, including Brussels, Amsterdam, London, Frankfurt, Paris and Zurich.

Together with Exellys, DTSQUARED, The Glue and Mastermind, ::projective is part of ProjectiveGroup.