The Alliance – unique fund will strengthen fintech ecosystem around Projective


The fintech ecosystem around Projective connects an acceleration with the launch of the unique venture capital fund The Alliance. The aim of the fund is to increase the long-term added value for the ecosystem and its employees.

The Alliance’s first achievement: Exellys participation

The Alliance is an evergreen fund that takes strategic shareholdings in companies that bring long-term added value to the entire ecosystem around Projective, B-Hive and The Glue, among others. The investment in the Belgian company Exellys, a tech talent integrator, is the starting shot for the fund. Exellys places young IT talent in companies and accompanies them with a personal training programme. Through intensive training and coaching of management and soft skills, these young people can be deployed immediately and grow much faster than other starters. Companies can therefore count on an influx of IT talent, accelerated integration and retention of that talent.

Not a classic venture capital fund

Stefan Dierckx, co-founder of The Alliance: “This is not a classic venture capital fund. The companies in the ecosystem reinforce each other. Our broad corporate network will help Exellys grow and the young tech potentials of Exellys will in turn enrich the ecosystem. Raf Seymus, CEO of Exellys, is pleased with the investment: “The Alliance’s investment gives us access to a larger network to increase our impact and expand abroad.”

The fund is a unique way to engage employees in an ecosystem

Unique to The Alliance is that all employees in the Projective ecosystem can participate in it. For the founders, this is a lever to retain their employees and strengthen their commitment to the ecosystem. Corjan Mol, together with Piet Impens, country manager of Projective Nederland; “The establishment of this fund is a pioneering step in a series of innovative human capital initiatives. Many of our people have an entrepreneurial spirit. Yet they are often reluctant to build their own company. The Alliance meets these entrepreneurial ambitions in a less risky way.”

Long-term ambitions

The Alliance starts with € 5 million. Piet Impens: “This is intrapreneurship to the next level: employees can actively participate in investing in the growth of the international ecosystem.” In the long run, The Alliance wants to have structural participations – which can go up to 50% – in 10 to 15 companies that are internationally relevant to the entire ecosystem. “Entrepreneurship in a strong ecosystem is the future”, says Corjan Mol, “it allows every member of the system to further deepen their own expertise and guarantees customers that they will always have the most suitable party at the table. The companies in The Alliance’s portfolio will provide an even wider range of solutions.”